It’s an early Monday morning, it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and I’ve been studying unity molecular formulas for glaze calculations. I needed a break so I decided I should get around to filling out this part of the website. So here goes …

I was born in Salt Lake City, UT but remember most of those early years in Park City, UT. I’ve moved back forth between Utah and North Carolina several times and I’ve been in NC now for over 25 years. It’s been an interesting 3+ decades so far – I’ve had the opportunity to study, work, and participate in areas well outside the norm. Construction work starting about age 11 (sweeping floors and shoveling dirt does build character). Natural history museum technician, where I did everything from catalog prehistoric pollen samples to mount a mastodon skeleton for display (talk about a dream job for a high school student). Auto mechanic. High school physics and chemistry teacher (I can definitely list teaching under the passion category). Most recently I worked as a technical lead for new product development designing 3 dimensional printers (very cool stuff). As far as education goes, I did my bachelors work in theoretical mathematics (I still dabble) and graduate work in optical engineering (lasers can be fun).

Even though I always had definite mad scientist tendencies (insert maniacal laugh), I’ve always had a strong connection to the music and the arts thanks to my parents. I had the opportunity play on stage with Herbie Mann at the age of 13. I’ve been building odd piece of furniture here and there for years as well as a few boats back in my college days. I’ve studied under several master potters including Lee Dillon and Gordon Moore, sculptor and potter Stephen D. Lequire, and potter Charles Allo. No matter what else has been going on I’ve always had some sort of art project going on in background. Now I have the opportunity to really pour myself into the art. Plus it’s giving me the chance to teach again … even some fairly young students :-)