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First Firing!

Well the first firing of the electric kiln went without a hitch. After a couple of years in storage the Skutt 1227-PK (bought for next to nothing as “used” though I don’t think it had ever been fired) it fired up right away. Since I was unsure if the kiln Continue Reading →

The Studio is now open!!!

Well it’s a long road but the studio is done! Well all except for a few finishing touches and a little organization. The buildings have been completed since December and after three months the power company was finally gracious enough to installĀ  Continue Reading →

Leatherwork …

This past week I finished up a bit of leather work that I’d had floating around in several stages of completion. I finished up a couple of tooled belts and bracelets, a couple of knife sheaths, and a replacement for an old leather satchel I’ve had since Continue Reading →