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Bottles – A Study in Closed Forms

This week I spent a good deal of time working on closed forms which are one of the more challenging forms to throw. ┬áNot much more than a simple thrown cylinder, the addition of a partially or fully closed top presents an interesting problem, Continue Reading →

Wood Fired Raku Kiln – Bisque Firing

The first full firing of the raku kiln (albeit just a bisque firing) was both successful and traumatic. I packed the kiln with greenware plus a couple of glazed test pieces. I was surprised how much you can pack into 4 cubic feet! I had two assistants Continue Reading →

Wood Fired Raku Kiln

Last week, while still waiting on the power company to finally run the new line to the studio, I decided to build a small wood fired raku kiln with the used super duty fire brick I picked up. It’s a fairly simple design, almost a miniature anagama kiln. Continue Reading →