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New Glaze Firing …

Well the latest firing seems to have finally jumped that gap between what I want and what I actually end up with. After a couple of previous firings that I wasn’t completely happy with I decided to start over with my glaze choices. I’ve been searching for a combination that Continue Reading →

First Glaze Firing!

The first glaze firing here at the studio went off without a hitch – at least no technical hitches. This first glaze firing was really a test firing and initial glaze experiment. I chose several basic glazes, one of which can be easily modified by adding different colorants, Continue Reading →

Bottles – A Study in Closed Forms

This week I spent a good deal of time working on closed forms which are one of the more challenging forms to throw.  Not much more than a simple thrown cylinder, the addition of a partially or fully closed top presents an interesting problem, Continue Reading →