Hagal Studio is now open for private instruction! If you are serious about learning the art of clay, one on one instruction is the most beneficial way to learn. The focus of my instruction is to teach basic and advanced skills needed for wheel thrown pottery. You will receive more hands on instruction in one session than you will in weeks of group classes. The current rates for instruction:

  • Holiday Special – 2 for 1! 2 hour session for 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child – $120
  • Adults – 2 hour session – $120
  • Children (under 12) – 2 hour session – $95
  • Group Instruction (2-4 people) – 2-3 hour session – varies
  • Additional non-instructional scheduled studio time is also available.



I began taking private instruction from Corbin in January 2012 after taking group classes from a local studio for a couple of years.  When I first saw his pieces I was impressed, but when I held one I could tell how light and uniform they were and that is what I would like to be able to create. Corbin was able to quickly identify where I was having difficulty in centering and throwing techniques and help me make the appropriate corrections. I am continuing to work with him to expand my skills and starting to work on more advanced techniques.  My fellow students in the group class were amazed at the difference in my skills this session.  Corbin is a very patient and talented instructor who can make a difference with any level of student.

- Mary

I had a great private pottery class at Hagal Studio.  Corbin is a really great (and patient) teacher.  I had an amazing time, learned how to use the potter’s wheel and how to create my own masterpiece.  I would recommend anyone in the Charlotte area to take lessons at Hagal Studio.

- Julie

Having no experience with pottery outside of 8th grade art class and making a mug using coils of clay, I was nervous taking a lesson on the pottery wheel. Corbin was able to put me at ease so that I was un-intimated by the wheel. He first demonstrated – making it look remarkably easy. Then it was my turn. His hands-on instruction allowed me to feel how the clay reacts when you are doing the correct technique. I was surprised how quickly I improved throughout the session. While I doubt I would have produced anything worth saving had I taken a group class, I created two bowls in one lesson with Corbin. In addition to being a very talented potter, Corbin is an extremely patient teacher with an easy-going manner. I would highly recommend private instruction.

- Karen

Being able to learn more about pottery and how to create with clay has always been a dream of mine. I have always been a collector of pottery and you can usually find me going to festivals with my friends and collecting another piece of pottery. At Hagal Studios, Corbin has made lessons so relaxed and fun. He truly understands the movement of the clay and is able to help me make more progress with each lesson. The studio is a delight to be in and my children loved the experience of watching him and then trying for themselves. Jess , who is 10, could not stop talking about how much fun it was there. She had a pottery birthday party last year but said an afternoon at Hagal Studio actually learning pottery was so much more real for her. Corbin is a wonderful teacher. We will all come back for more lessons !

- Ellen